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Way back in 1993 we were having one of those 'what if' conversations. What if we had a restaurant that served incredibly tasty and carefully prepared food with the best fresh ingredients and yet the food was reasonably priced? London standards but not London prices. And wouldn't it be great to have it on The Green in Twickenham so our customers could dine al fresco in the summer months? So The Green would literally be our front garden. And what if we had a warm, relaxed informal atmosphere and the restaurant had some quirky features? Like a cosy corner with comfy banquettes and a sumptuous velvet curtain for those 'private' conversations. We're such romantics. And how about an old style record player that plays real records? And we could have film nights or poetry nights or . . . opera nights! Hmm . . . there's a joke in there somewhere about fat ladies.

And that's how we started Arthur's on the Green.

And we're pleased to say that with the love and support of our wonderful customers we've become one of the most popular restaurants in Twickenham and the surrounding areas.